Empowerment Groups

Empowerment Groups


Our Women Empowerment groups are closed groups with 10 to 15 participants who are committed to participating for 12 weeks, once a week, for 2 hours. The purpose of the group is:

  • To learn to love and value themselves as women

  • To help them to start over while discovering who they are

  • To acknowledge their strengths

  • To recognize they are somebody

  • To engage, encourage, build a relationship with them, and be of a support to them

  • To provide them with the necessary tools and guides they will need to be successful

  • And to empower them to be the person they are and learn to advocate for themselves.

In the group we will have activities, group discussions, video clippings, motivational speakers, homework assignments, working together as a team, individual critical thinking time, and most of all a group where women can and will learn more about empowerment and have fun!

After completion, the women will graduate from the course. Our goal is to celebrate them with an empowerment event, (e.g. fashion show, make-over etc.) We check in with them to do a one-on-one regarding check-ins to continue to help them along their journey, by connecting them to the resources, participating in the activities and events for WomenFirst and giving them a chance to share their story with other women who are being referred to the groups with facilitation.

They will not be matched with a Peer Mentor because of our capacity. We just want to ensure we are staying connected, involved with the ladies to make sure their needs are getting met, and that they are utilizing the skills that were learned.

If you would like more information about the Empowerment Groups or would like to refer someone contact shannono@rebuildwomenfirst.org.