Peer Mentorship (Reintegration) Program

Peer Mentorship (Reintegration) Program


Our Peer Mentorship is an opportunity for peers to connect with an inmate 6 months prior to their release to assist with stability, support, advocacy, and leadership development.

The program was launched in April 2018 at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. We visit the women twice a month for 2 hours. Our goal is to build relationships, make connections, and develop trust with our mentees, so once released we will work together to follow- thru on accomplishing goals and helping their needs get met. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet the ladies first get to know about them, and how our program can be of a service. We focus on self, family, community, and spirituality and healing.

Two months prior to their release we help assist them with creating an action plan which focuses on: education, employment, housing, family & individual counseling, legal, spirituality, and self. This action plan helps them to take ownership of their life and to be responsible for taking the necessary steps to become productive and successful by having a sense of direction and a plan set up to navigate re-entering the community to become successful and productive. The plan will allow them to share their plan with their PO’s so he/she can support them with the resources and tools they have to support them.

Our Peer Mentorship program is for women we serve who are incarcerated. Due to the capacity and funding we are not able to assist by mentoring the women seeking services for mentors.

If you would like to refer us to a grant or help with making a contribution to expand the service, contact