Women Empowerment Graduate June 2018

Second "I Love Me" Graduating Class and here is a reflection of one of the women's stories of how the group impacted her life.

"My name is Amanda Spencer, and I got involved because it was suggested to me. I have been impacted with an empowerment feeling. I have learned a lot about myself. We started out with who am I and then we learned about or goals and values, and strength and weakness. I've learned to believe in myself and to never give up. I've learned to love myself, I've learned to express myself more, and that I can say no and know its ok. I feel that If I hadn't been in the group I wouldn't have learned so much about myself. I feel very blessed to have been in the group and I would suggest it to other women who want to learn how to be more strong, independent women. So thank you Miss Shannon for teaching me how to do that".

Shannon Olive